im dreamin the american dream

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Duck quak!

Its so fuckin hot ._.
I sweatin right now like a horse xD I wanna go swimming but nobody of my friends go with me.. absolutly noboda.. argh i think im going crazy...

Ps: the new "myblog" isnt very good i think.... ._.
Mondscheinwanderin am 28.6.05 15:38

hello Star

Im going to tell u everythin in english on this blog. i must practise that language because i?ll go to america.... in .. er.. 2-3 years.

Somethin about me? (If u interested xD)
My name is jessica, but most people call me jessi (somethin what i dont like very much... )
Except my darlin is calling me so.. in fact he could say everythin, i would be so happy i could die ^_^

I love music. i would die without it. one of my favourite groups are nirvana, sum 41 and foo fighters.

but this isnt the only music i like.. u know final fantasy? i love the music there... muaaaaa xD lovely!
About now im searching the hole time in web if theres some songs to download there^^

excuse me if i made many mistakes.. u can correct them if u mind ^^

dreamin am 27.6.05 20:58

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